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The statistics in the West today are that by the age of 40, 20% of men will experience an enlarging prostate.   By age 60, that number jumps to 70%; and by age 80, it becomes 90%. Sixty percent of men have the beginnings of prostate cancer by the age of 65.

Oriental medicine has several formulas that do shrink prostates.  I’ve used these successfully many times.

But even easier than that:
In my travels, I have come across three men who lived well into their 90’s with zero prostate enlargement and zero prostate cancer.   They were all from completely different genetic backgrounds.  They all had one thing in common:  Ali three had either a small glass of, or a half glass of, grapefruit juice every morning.

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  • Meggin B. Sullivan, OMD, L.Ac

    I think it has something to do with the fact an enlarging prostate has to do with phlegm accumulation. The liver rules the genitles, as the liver meridian wrapes around the genitles. Western medicine tells people on certain medications not to touch grapefruit. The way I believe it works is that the grapefruit clears the phlegm and gunk out of the liver and thus the liver works better. The liver then absorbs a larger amount of the medication causing trouble. I’ve had the conversation many times with my Western MD friends: “Why don’t you tell them to have a small glass of grapefruit juice every morning and take half or a quarter of their meds”. Standard of Care won’t tolerate that. Something around that is going on. MBS

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