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Coronavirus and Supplements

“Feed a Cold; Starve a Fever”
Remember that old adage our grandmothers recited?
In Oriental Medicine they’ve had a similar dictate for millenniums.

They say that when someone has an exterior attack (a cold or flu), one should not nourish the body, as it will nourish the pathogen; making the pathogen strong and vibrant. Most all these supplements and all those protein powders are nourishing.

We don’t nourish in the Fall or Winter for two reasons: 1. As someone might have the beginning of an exterior pathogen without knowing. 2. Constant nourishing all year long will exhaust the organs.

When I was child in the early 60’s they used to have “Public Service Announcements.” I remember one very clearly. It said: “ A cold should last three to four days. If it lasts a week or longer, it’s something else and go see your doctor immediately.” Today, we have colds that last months! People are nourishing pathogens and before the immune system can fight it off, the pathogen is nourished and vibrantly stronger than it should be.

We All know people whom are walking encyclopedias on the world of supplements. They can recite information on anything; Lutein, colloidal silver, protein powders, on and on and on. They have shopping bags full of stuff they take. They’re in the population of your friends and relatives. Maybe they’re in the mirror. And, they’re always the sickest people you know; aren’t they? They are nourishing pathogens!

When the Coronavirus moved to the West, we saw statistics on an increasingly younger population getting and dying from this disease. They are the generation on all these supplements and protein powders. Are they nourishing pathogens and dying as a result?

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CNN Information

This evening Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Chris Cuomo had a discussion on CNN about the Corona Virus attacking the lungs. Presently, Chris Cuomo is at home with the virus. They discussed the lungs filling up with fluid during the course of the virus. Chris demonstrated a number of exercises to do to help keep the lungs open.

THAT’S WHAT THE CUPS DO! Among other things, the cups suck the lungs open and aerate them. It’s so easy.

Chris gave a figure that 60% of coronavirus patients whom go on respirators don’t make it. The doctors have to sedate the patients to intubate them. Then, the patient just lays there, on their backs while their lungs fill up with fluid.

Chris then talked about supplement he was taking. He really needs to stop that. Maybe that’s why he got so sick. Please read my article on supplements and this virus.

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Another Thought About CVID-19

The way the doctors and nurses are getting infected even though wearing protective gear, I have to suspect there might be an aerosol component. That means it’s in the air. So far, they’ve been talking about “droplets.” Droplets means someone has to sneeze on you, or something like that. That’s why they’re talking about the “Social Distancing.”

White vinegar- put it in a spray bottle and spray throughout the house. White vinegar (not red or apple cider or others) has been used for over a decade to kill mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses in the air. In China they send the children out for recess and have a hot plate and boil in in each class room. On the East Coast, we spray it in musty basements and boats.

You can use anywhere to a 100% solution of white vinegar, to 1 in 5 solution ( 1 part white vinegar to 5 parts water), to 50-50 solution.

I don’t know if there’s an aerosol component, but why not try this anyway. You’ll get rid of any other pathogens.

I have never heard of anyone being allergic to white vinegar, but it is possible. Best to try a low solution first.

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About COVID- 19

We know that Covid-19 aggressively attacks the lungs. We know there aren’t enough respirators (or medical supplies). The Western doctors have told us they’re overwhelmed. They are going to have to make the “hard decisions” as to whom will get those precious respirators. Seniors, and especially those with underlying health conditions, are most likely going to the end of the line. Read More

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