Herbs vary in strength and potency from someting as innocuos as ginger and garlic to something as powerful as Ephedra. Unlike Syntesized Medications, herbs are quite gentle on the system. The over-the-counter pseudo Ephedra cold medications are 15 times more potent than the herb. When used properly, the absence of side affects can not be overstated. Because of their purity and gentleness the effects gained are prolonged and stable.

Addiction and Acupuncture

Addiction can manifest in many forms.Some addictions range from an innocuous obsession to a favorite TV show to a relentless obssesion with the internet. Some addictions range from an over consumption of sweets to a life threatening food obsession. Many addictions involve anything from gambling to alcohol; to smoking; to lethal drug addictions. Whatever the addiction is, it is most often a difficult struggle, which consumes a person’s energy and disrupts their life. And too often it takes their life.

At Oriental Medical Arts, we have a long history of significant success with many types of addiction. The different addictions and the severity of the disruption each addiction causes require different approaches. We have specific protocals we utilize which encompass many modalities.

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