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We know that Covid-19 aggressively attacks the lungs. We know there aren’t enough respirators (or medical supplies). The Western doctors have told us they’re overwhelmed. They are going to have to make the “hard decisions” as to whom will get those precious respirators. Seniors, and especially those with underlying health conditions, are most likely going to the end of the line.

In Oriental medicine, we’ve used Cups and Gua Sha for millenniums to open up lungs, promote circulation and many other things that don’t translate into Western medicine.

Remember Mark Phelps, the Olympic Swimmer? Remember those big black hickeys on his shoulders and arms from the cups? He had more Olympic gold medals than anyone. Many Western doctors went crazy. They accused him of: “Promoting quackery!” Really?

In the early 90’ Siemens came up with a mammography machine that was 500 times more powerful that the current one they were using. People were so excited that cancer was going to be found so much sooner. The docs said: “We don’t know what is going to turn into cancer. It’s too microscopic. It will be a decade before we know what we’re looking at.”

Over the next decade, they discovered many things including; I believe it’s called the “CP-3 complex.” The CP387(?) are attached to the red blood cell. When the body reabsorbs its own blood (like in a bruise), it alerts these things and a greater immune response is triggered. It’s as if the body thinks it’s been hit by a truck and it’s a last-ditch effort to save the life. The bigger the black hickey, the better the response.

So, cups over the lungs are sucking the lungs open. Aerating the lungs, forces a larger blood supply into lung tissue and increases oxygen supply in the blood. At the same time cups and Gua Sha pull the blood out of the vascular system and deposit it in the muscle tissue where it is reabsorbed into the blood stream, it triggering the CP387.

For decades, I’ve kept emphysema, COPDs, Chronic bronchitis, congestive heart failure patients alive for years longer.

One of my congestive heart failure patients was told by his doctors that there was: “Nothing more” they could do for him. His left ventricular fraction rate (LVFR) was down to 21. He came in for treatment (including Cups and Gua Shaw) every week for the next 14 year. His LVFR went up to 36. He played 18 holes of golf twice a week, until a week before he passed at the age of 91. The only difference in his medical care was my treatments.

I have dozens and dozens of these stories.

Please consider Cups and Gua Sha.


Please understand that complete evaluations and treatments are absolutely essential for general health and wellbeing. But, right now, we must keep lungs open and people off the respirator waiting list.

If you can manage to do this at home, you are staying off the roads and hopefully out of the ER.

Take the edge of spoon or a coin. Scrape across shoulder, back of the neck, or any area of the back that can be reached. You can also do the sides of the ribs. It hurts, especially if one tried to do it on themselves, but in these times, worth doing.

I'm receiving questions about doing Gua Sha (or sliding cups) on the chest. Generally, it’s done on the back. To do Gua Sha on the chest, you need to know:

  • You must stay on the ribs.
  • Stay away from the upper chest around of the neck- arteries.
  • The sides of the chest are O.K.
  • Stay away from the breasts.
  • Stay away from the axillae (armpits).
  • If you're using sliding cups for Gua Sha, you must use some sort of lubricant - kitchen oil will work.

But if this is just way too much for you, see an acupuncturist with a medical appointment which should exempt you from a “Stay at Home” mandate.

Reputable doctors of Oriental Medicine are well trained and diligent. We are taking this situation seriously and our offices are clean and scrubbed.

Check Wikipedia for more information. But please be careful on the general web. I’ve been sent so many links that are full of error or just plain bogus. Anyone can post anything.

p.s. The picture on the Wikipedia Gua Sha page is way over the top!
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